I Notice Words

Have you ever heard when someone repeats a word a bunch? For example, when a kid says like A LOT. Well, I believe that’s because they’re nervous or stressed. Maybe they use ridiculous every other sentence. I notice these repeated words so much. Sometimes it drives me nuts when I do it in my own writing. I strive to be a good writer but sometimes I just can’t help it. Maybe it’s some people’s catchphrase, or they do it out of a emotion. I’m not for sure, that’s why I’m not any type of  therapist. Do you have any words you repeat a lot? Tell me in the comments!

How To Draw A Doggo


Hi! I’m Winnie, a not qualified art teacher!

Today I’m going to be teaching how to draw a doggo


Step 1. Make a circle.



Step 2. Add side floof



Step 3. Add other side floof.


Step 4. Give top head floof


Step 5. Erase the circle.


Step 6. Draw ears UwUz


Step 7. Give either closed or open eyes.


Step 8. Draw a mouth and nose


Step 9. Give a neck and front paws


Step 10. We’re almost done!! And a tummy and back legs.


Step 11. Last step!! Add a floofy tail!!


And we’re done!!! Hope you enjoyed!!