How To Draw A Doggo


Hi! I’m Winnie, a not qualified art teacher!

Today I’m going to be teaching how to draw a doggo


Step 1. Make a circle.



Step 2. Add side floof



Step 3. Add other side floof.


Step 4. Give top head floof


Step 5. Erase the circle.


Step 6. Draw ears UwUz


Step 7. Give either closed or open eyes.


Step 8. Draw a mouth and nose


Step 9. Give a neck and front paws


Step 10. We’re almost done!! And a tummy and back legs.


Step 11. Last step!! Add a floofy tail!!


And we’re done!!! Hope you enjoyed!!

5 thoughts on “How To Draw A Doggo

  1. This is so cute! 😮💕 your steps are super deatiled, it helped me a lot when I was drawing it, and didn’t know the exact amount of floof to add lol

    • Glad I could help! Here’s another tip be creative with it give it other stuff too like a collar, or some flowers! Just have fun with it!!

  2. I loved this post! I followed your steps and my drawing looks pretty cute! Your steps were really detailed and it helped that you had pictures. I hope you do a post like this again!

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