Window Or Mirror

So currently in class we have been discussing about Window or Mirror books. And you’re probably wondering what the heck is a Window or Mirror book? Let’s begin with a window book!  A window book is a book that lets you look into a brand new world, for example like a fantasy book! A fantasy book let’s you look into a different and amazing world. A mirror book is a book that you can relate to.  Like a fiction book it can be based on the real world while still being different and exciting.

Now the book I’m reviewing is Scott Cawthon’s The Silver Eyes. Since I have finished this book I can definitely tell you this book is a window, unless somehow you live in a world with murderous Chuck E. Cheese knock off animatronics which I really doubt you do this book is not a mirror. If you’re fan of FNAF though I really recommend you read this book! It’s really good and it’s just give the vibes off of being a horror story but in my opinion it’s kind of not, it’s more mystery/adventure. Anyway The Silver Eyes is about Charlie who has to come back to her old hometown to honor a a sad death. But when she and her friends find the old Freddy’s Pizzeria they find the dark secrets within.

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My January Daily Habit!

For January I decided to do a totally different habit which was drawing a person or animal. So each day I would always sketch/draw the hard part about this was I made it so it had to be a finished drawing. So each drawing would take around 20-30 minutes to finish. So about each week I would be doing at the least 140 minutes of drawing a week. Though this habit was fun it would kind of stress me out having to always make a finished one. This habit really did help boost my skills in drawing more realisticish hair/bodies. If you ever plan on doing something like this I recommend finding your supplies beforehand so you don’t ever have to go searching for a random pencil in the middle of the month 😅. Speaking of supplies I just wanted really quickly give a list of what you need to do this:

-A Pencil/A Mechanical Pencil

-A Eraser

-A Sketchbook or Scrap Paper

After January had ended I decided to change my current habit a bit, since of all the time it would take for me to make one whole drawing I decided to make it so I didn’t have to finish I would just have to work on a drawing. So currently it’s been four days into this habit and I have been loving it!! This habit lets me take time away from a really busy day to just relax and sketch. I also have started trying my best to improve my skills by watching tutorials! Another thing I changed is that I mostly now draw on my Ipad, it’s much easier and more less wasteful since I don’t have to use any paper or pencils!


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Punctuation Story

I believe I am an exclamation point, I can be loud and energetic. People see me as happy and excited but I can lash out in anger. I could even be shocked or surprised. They’re seen as standing even when sometimes they don’t mean to. So I believe I am an exclamation point, usually seen as happy but is truly much more.

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Daily Habits

Hey! So today I’m going to be talking about my daily habits I have done this year. So for my first habit our class would do a plank each day adding 10 seconds on every plank. It got to the point of three minutes and thirty seconds. I sometimes would get really frustrated when I had to take a quick break, I am not the most athletic of people so I don’t have a great amount is stamina. But nonetheless I eventually got to a point where I could plank for two minutes. And I am very proud of that!

For my second daily habits I got to choose so I chose drawing a person or animal a day. I quite enjoy doing this since I love drawing, I honestly don’t have a ton to say about this since I just recently started this habit. Though I have improved while doing this habit since I have been watching tutorials to help me.

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What Are My Hobbies?

Hey!!! Alright so I enjoy tons of things, but one of my favorite things to do is dress up/pose dolls. And It can’t be like a regular Barbie doll. I prefer Monster High Dolls, since they have such a great scuplt they also have many possibilities of poses! They are also quite high quality. The sad thing is though that after a while they became lesser in quality. So I only collect the older Monster High Dolls. For example my favorite doll Rochelle Goyle:

Well that’s all for now until next time!!🌸✨🌿

My Week of Online School

Hey!! I’m here to tell you about my online week of school, so let’s begin! Overall, it wasn’t really crazy or anything though sometimes teachers didn’t give us call links so I sometimes had to bug them until they gave me it(・ัω・ั). Homework was well uh stressful, it wasn’t all the time but every once and a while a really hard or just long assignment made me want to cry. I am honestly really glad online school is over! I can now continue my field hockey lessons which I really do enjoy! I heard some people had like strategies to keep up with their work, which I had none of- Soo basically my homework was just willy nilly. Oh! The current book I have been reading is the Silver Eyes!  It’s really detailed, I haven’t gotten very far so I don’t know exactly what the story is about but Ill be sure to keep you updated! Welp that’s all for today bye!!!!!!


What I am Grateful For

There’s so many wonders and joyful things in life. That’s why humans are grateful for so many things. But humans take lots of things for granted. One of my main examples beds. I mean like can you imagine sleeping on the cold hard floor? But a lot of us are lucky enough to have beds; it’s not very recognized that some people don’t have any beds at all. They have to sleep elsewhere. So that’s why I think that or something you should be grateful for.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is equally as amazing as all the others wonderful Harry Potter books,  reading on paperback is a little hard though. I won’t say much though because I don’t want to spoil anything. Here is a quick tidbit though! This is Harry’s fifth year of Hogwarts so many things are on his mind: School, Quiditch,He who must not be named. Welp, that’s all for now see ya later!!!